666 And His Invented Religions

Persuading people to your way of thinking is not difficult, especially if you are an emperor with all the power in the world. When Constantine worked his way to sole rule over the Roman Empire he did so through murder, violence and torture. His eldest son, Crispus, was murdered on his say the year prior to his establishment of the Roman Catholic Church in 325 Ad. That historical event proves he was anything but a saint.The stories about him have, like his religion, been grossly distorted to sanitise his actions. Revelation 13:13-18, however, pinpoints him as the one who invented Jesus Christ and forced everyone to worship the image he created. The motivation behind it was more power and control. The vast regions he oversaw were too much for one man so he invented a parliament to assist in the task.That was the Assembly of Bishops called the Vatican and the building was erected to house them. They, in turn, controlled the priests and parishes where people of different cultures, tongues and beliefs were brought under his rule. They were forced to accept and adhere and the bishops were given power over life and death to ensure it happened. He remained head of the Church until his death and the Popes, who were his eventual successors, are still kings who rule over it.Despite Hollywood’s distortion of facts for money making purposes there were no Christians prior to this time. No one of that ilk was ever deliberately murdered in Rome or elsewhere at the hands of the Romans and especially not in the Colosseum. The Catholic Church not only increased his power but it gave Constantine control over the world and the economic forces that drive it.From his work came the many Christian denominations that split from it. At the end of the 4th CAD Jerome was appointed to produce the New Testament to credit the so-called prophet. He did this in conjunction with his cohort Augustine Bea. The latter was requested by the Vatican to start another religion to further add credibility to the prophet and to the virgin birth and Mary, the chief God of the establishment.Augustine found a man named Mohammed, through a devotee, and tutored him into being a prophet for the new faith, the Muslim Branch of Islam. There has never been anything but the Islamic tradition over the religions of the world since their inceptions. Revelation 17 clearly states that Mary is Babylon the Great. It is from Babylon that Constantine’s inheritance is traceable.The same chapter states that the religion of Babylon sits on seven hills. That is the situation with Roma. That name reversed is Amor. The Amors came from Babylon, its first Capital. Mari was the name of its second Capital in Assyria and Roma is its third Capital. All religions stem from that one source.

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